Are you planning a corporate event? Maybe you are about to launch a new product? Perhaps your just looking for something truly unique? Well it sounds like your are looking for some bespoke entertainment. At circus uncertainty, bespoke entertainment is one of our specialty’s. We can provide bespoke circus entertainment for any event.


Here are a few tips for get the most out of a bespoke entertainment commission:-


  1. Be specific- The more specific you can be the better the product we can create will be. If you want us to create a bespoke fire show that finishes with 10 fire balls go off at exactly the same time whilst an aerialist drops from the ceiling, we can do that.

  2. Tell us if you don't like something- Some clients have trouble telling us that they don't like something. For example if we find a bespoke costume that we think would be suitable but you don't like it or don't think its suitable then don't be afraid to tell us. You won't hurt our feelings, I promise.

  3. Plan ahead- If you are planning an event and you are looking for some bespoke corporate entertainment it is best to plan early. A bespoke show normally takes a week or so to make however the planning process can take some time. So make sure you plan at least 4 weeks ahead of your event so you can get the most out of your bespoke entertainment.

  4. Venue- Providing as much detail about the space we will be performing in is key. I have arrived many times at an event where the space is significantly smaller than planned or there as been a pillar in the center of the stage that we were not told about. I would recommend getting a floor plan and an accurate ceiling height (if indoors) from the venue well beforehand.


Well there you have it a few tips to make your next bespoke project the best it can be for more information head to our acts page.