So theres a new kid on the block and their name is Three Finger Juggling. A relatively new company creating some of the craziest juggling props that I've ever seen. This year at the British Juggling Convention we came across them while looking for a set of knives for our new show 'The Two Gentlemen'.


After spending the first few days deciding which glittery plastic knife to buy (sigh) we spotted the Three Finger Juggling Stall, and we were very impressed! They were exactly what we were looking for. They had juggling knives, axes, meat cleavers, machetes and saws but what we ended up taking home was a set of 7 Buc Lite juggling knives, The little brother to the Buccaneer knives.


Neil and his wife make all the knives and swanky bags by hand. They also gave us amazing customer service and after accidentally over paying them at the convention they sent us the extra knife all the way from the States along with a bag and 2 t shirts plus they waved the delivery fee! Really great service!


After receiving our extra 4 knives they were perfect. 7 passing felt exactly the same to 7 club passing and it was very easy for us to transfer our usual club passing acrobatic routine to the knives, it only took us a afternoon to get used to them.


Pros and cons?


Good spin - Feels like a club which is very unusual for a knife.

Good balance - Can thumb spin on the bottom of the blade

They look super sharp

The handles - Who wants a knife with a pink glittery handles? You want a knife to look dangerous!

The aesthetics - That rustic dangerous look is exactly what we wanted!

Super light and great for numbers passing

The bags - Very high quality and have become an extremely useful thing to have. Perfect for the big reveal in street shows/corporate events. Only improvement could be belt loop, we have added one ourselves.



A bit sharper than your standard juggling knives - However the times we have have hurt ourselves was whilst doing russian doubles and triples etc so I think even a club could have left a mark, and there have been no serious injuries

A dodgy catch of the handle can hurt - The metal or the wood on the handle can hit your fingers pretty hard but theres nothing to be done about that as thats due to the solid materials used.

Now the big question are they better than dubes? In my opinion YES. They are much lighter (almost 150g a knife lighter) better balanced, are thinner and I think have a better look. The three finger juggling knives also have that hand made feel where the dubes feel a bit mass produced. A huge amount of our community swear by dubes juggling knives but give the Buc lites a try and see what you think! The dubes may look cleaner but in my opinion the buc lites look a lot sharper and a lot more deadly. For acts of a more 'modern' nature you could even just grip tape the handles for the less handmade look!

Overall a great Product! I look forward to seeing more of what Three Finger Juggling have to offer!