Circus entertainment covers a very broad area of entertainment, as there are possibly hundreds of different skills within circus and a very slight change of wording can mean two completely different things to an agent of circus entertainment.  Here are some top tips to get exactly what you want when booking circus entertainment.

1. Be specific. Every detail of the act you want will help. if you don't know the exact name of the skill or show you want, then describe it! A good agent or entertainer should be able to know straight away what act you want. 

2. Have a theme? Tell your agent the theme of your night straight away. This will either give them an idea about which act will go well with the evening or will shorten the list of performers they can contact who have costumes relevant to the theme.

3. Be open with your budget. Whether or not your budget is huge, tell your agent or circus entertainment company straight away. Most of the time they will still come in under budget as its within their interest to give you the best deal for your money. If you have a budget of £10,000 your entertainment will be drastically different to if you have a budget of £1,000.  

4. Seen a video ? If you have seen a video on you tube or social media of the exact act you want then feel free to send it to your circus entertainment company. They should have a wealth of knowledge regarding circus entertainment, they should be able to find out who they are within a few calls. Some of the times will already know the person in the video! One call and you have your perfect act!

5. Be flexible. This last tip may seem counter-intuitive to every thing else but sometimes you have to be flexible. The only constraint within this industry is budget, If you want to bring the worlds greatest juggler out of retirement then you better have the budget to back it. If you don't then you may have to settle for the best juggler of today with a similar classic style. Every agent, performer and entertainment company wants your event to be a success, if they can't supply exactly what you want, chances are they know exactly what you need.