Here at Circus Uncertainty we have a wide variety of circus performers and entertainers available. We always guarantee that we will find the perfect entertainer for your corporate event or wedding.  We do not always showcase our performers on our website. So if your after a specific act do contact us and we will most likely already have your perfect circus performer on our database. 

Hiring circus entertainment for an event can be quite confusing. First you have to make sure you can afford the performer, The see if they will fit in your performance space. If that all goes to plan then you need to make sure you can accommodate the entertainer's tech rider.  We will be with you ever step of the way, making sure you pick the perfect circus entertainer for your event. 

Many of our circus entertainment packages have options to customise the show to your exact needs. This could be matching your events colour scheme or incorporating your companies logo into the circus performance. 

Click the contact button and get in touch with us to hire the perfect circus entertainment for your event.