Circus uncertainty is a corporate entertainment agency and we have a lot of new performers

contacting us from all over the world looking for corporate entertainment work. Which is fantastic

as hiring new performers gives our clients a broad range of circus entertainment to choose from.

If you are a budding circus performer looking for work in the corporate entertainment sector here

are a few quick tips when applying to agents.


1. Promotional material­ Your promo material is a make or break when it comes to corporate

entertainment and often we get some photos and video that look like they have been taken on a

potato! And even if they are clear they are way too long. I remember getting an aerial promo that

was 17 minutes long! So when sending promotional materials make it short and sweet. As a

general rule do not send more than 10 photos and promotional video should be no longer than a

minute and thirty seconds.


2. Write in clear English­ I know this seems obvious but incorrect grammar sticks out like a sore

thumb. So taking the time to triple check your punctuation and spelling can make a real difference.

3. Reply quickly­ Nothing is more stressful than someone not replying to an important email or not

answering their phone. Corporate entertainment agency’s are very busy places, so more often than

not we will have to find someone quickly and not answering your phone will result in you missing

out on work. Be quick to respond and be ready for calls (I also have my phone on the loudest

volume with a really annoying ringtone so I cant miss it).


4. Be realistic­ All corporate entertainment agency's have regular performers that they book all of

the time as they know they are reliable and provide great entertainment. So don't expect to be

inundated with work all of a sudden. Instead create a good relationship with the agent and you will

get your chance eventually.


5. Be unique­ The thing corporate entertainment agency's want to see the most is something new,

unique and exciting. Having a unique corporate circus act is the best piece of advise I can give.

Lots of agents already have slick jugglers, amazing acrobats and astounding fire breathers; and

many regular clients have already seen it all before. For example our two gentlemen act is the only

act in the world (to my knowledge) that incorporates juggling, acrobatics and magic at the same

time! It is very popular!


So there you are, 5 essential do's and don'ts for contacting corporate entertainment agents.