Theatrics have its place within every art form. Fire Performance is definitely no exception. A fire show without theatrics will be of poor quality and is a easy way to tell the difference between a professional and a amateur fire performer.

Theatrics can be as subtle as a well placed smile or a cheeky wink. This would add another layer to the monotonous fire spinning, it could even heaven forbid make the audience laugh! Subtleties will also make your show much tighter in terms of choreography .

On the other hand subtleties can get lost in the darkness of fire performance so you may also need some big actions in there. I'm not talking a running story line ( although that is a possibility!) i am more talking along the lines of physical theater.

If you do a dangerous trick let them know it was dangerous or is dangerous. If your doing something difficult don't make it look too easy make it look like this could go wrong, This tension is going to keep your audience watching as they will want to see what happens!


This was an extract from a book Joshua Morris is currently writing about Fire performance. To read the full article please visit his website JdmorrisCircus