The UK homes some of the best fire performers in the world. From the obvious fire breathers to the more unusual contact sword, the UK has the best. 

Hiring a fire performer is a great way to add excitement and a touch of class to your Wedding. Just be sure not to add a heap of danger by always hiring a trained and insured professional fire performer.  Fire performance shows generally last between 5 and 30 minutes. Length tends to vary on quite a few things, but you can generally request the length you would like, as long as its not 3 hours.

Performances can be either all to music or be more talky so when hiring a fire performer be sure to tell them if you would like the show to music or with interaction. We include some interaction in our main wedding show as a way of picking on the best man, So be sure to tell them if you have any special requests. 

Pyrotechnics is a great way to have a big impact ending and to leave the show on a high note, so always try and request a pyrotechnic finale even if there’s an added costs I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 

Hiring a fire performer for a corporate event is slightly different. The show is most likely going to be indoor so making sure a fire performers risk assessments and insurances are in order is of the utmost importance. When booking a Fire Performer for a corporate event you probably also want a much shorter show usually 3-10 minutes. Top end fire performers will also use specialist fuels when performing indoor that creates close to zero smoke, So your guests can breath easy throughout the night. 

Chances are fire performance is possible in your chosen venue even if the venue liaison is against it. Please ask us to speak with the venue to reassure them of our safety techniques when booking a indoor show.