So your looking for some fire entertainment for your next event? You have been looking around and your not sure whether your hiring a professional fire performer. Here is a quick guide of things to look for:


  • Insurance- All fire performers MUST be insured . This is a basic requirement for a fire performer. In the UK you must have PLI (public liability insurance) and an additional fire plan on top. If they can't provide any insurance, run for the hills!


  • Promotional materials- Professional fire performers for hire always have good quality promotional material. High quality photos and well edited videos are a must in this industry. If the video looks blurry or the photos look like they have been taken on a phone it may be best to avoid them. Promotional materials can also be a good indication of whether or not they are following correct safety practices. For example does the space they are performing in look too small? If they are performing pyrotechnics, are they wearing goggles? Are they appropriately dressed or are they wearing harem pants? Always watch promotional videos more than once and be on the lookout for anything unprofessional.


  • Multiple props- A sign of a poor quality fire performer is how many fire skills they can perform. Most professional fire performers have at least 6 fire skills. Many nonprofessionals have only 2-3 skills max and they are normally performed to a low level.


  • Price- Price is a key factor when hiring a fire performer. Have you ever heard the expression “you get what you pay for”? When hiring a professional you should not be paying under £200. Many nonprofessionals with offer low prices as they are desperate for the work and are just trying to undercut the market. Paying more for a fire performer will ensure you are getting a professional and you will be glad you didn't go for a cheap fire performer.


  • Business minded- At circus uncertainty we love our jobs and we get to do what we love for a living, which is to perform circus skills around the world. However at the end of the day we are business, most of our time is spend in an office writing emails. Professional fire performers are no different to professional business people, if your contacting a fire performing troupe or company and they don't sound or act professional more often than not they won't be.


We hope this will help you in future to make sure you are getting a true professional fire performer. If you need a fire show for your next event why not click on our acts page for more information.