Sometimes it can be confusing delving into the world of hiring a magician for your event, as there

are so many types out there. So here is a little guide to make sure you are choosing the right type

of magician for your event.


Street magicians­ This is the type that you will probably be familiar with. From the likes of David

Blaine and Dynamo, street magicians have a more urban feel to their performances normally

performing mind blowing tricks with everyday objects. They are perfect for any informal event but

can look out of place at weddings and corporate events.


Children's magician­ A children's magician does what is says on the tin really, their act is entirely

made for children (however there will be some tricks that will fool adults as well). They often offer

a 30 minute show to keep the kids entertained and can be perfect at kids parties and at weddings to

give the parents a break for a bit.


Illusionists­ Illusionists perform the biggest and most spectacular tricks often with a full stage

show or act. They are often seen with an assistant making them disappear and then reappear in the

most spectacular way. Illusionists are perfect for a sit down dinner event or a wedding. But be

mindful that they often can require set up time and will need a large area to perform in.

Close up magician­ Unlike street magicians, close up magicians are smartly dressed and perform

with more “classical” magic props like cards and coins for example. There material is mostly

designed for adults but they often have tricks designed for all of the family. In my opinion they are

the most versatile of all of the magicians and can fit into almost any event, be it a wedding, a party

or a gala event.


Magicians are very versatile and many can fit into a number of these categories. However having a

rough idea of what kind of magician can be a key element when booking your next event

There you have a rough guide into the types of magicians you might come across. Bear in mind

that magicians are very versatile performers and many can fit into a number of these categories.

We hope you found this helpful and look forward to hearing from you soon!