Here are my own personal top 5 wedding entertainment ideas. Now this might not be everyone cup of tea but hopefully this might spark your imagination for your own wedding entertainment. Here it goes.

Number 5

Glow jugglers. Now most people may think this wouldn't add much but I can imagine it adding a real ambiance to my wedding. I could imagine them juggling in the 1st story  windows of blacked out room as we're arriving for the reception. Nothing says its going to be a good night like entertainment at your every turn. It also makes sense seen as there already there to get a good show out of them too. I think id get them to do a show just as the evening winding down, All the lights can be turned off and it would be a great send off for everyone.

Number 4

Children's Entertainers. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want bored children ruining my wedding day. I would defiantly have to have a children's entertainer present (but probably in a separate room) throughout the entire reception. Keeps the parents happy and the kids busy so it seems like a win win situation in my mind. I think children often get over looked when it comes to planning a wedding. Even if there is only 20 of them, 20 screaming kids can quickly change the atmosphere of a wedding. 

Number 3 

Aerial Champagne Pouring. Nothing says class like someone dangling from their big toe while pouring you champagne. This would also totally break the awkward sober chat that always happens when you bring a big group of people together. A conversation starter and something for people to watch if they really don't want to talk to there second cousin twice removed.

Number 2

Knife throwers. I mean I've got to pick on the best man somehow! A little show outside in the summer between the ceremony and the reception would be amazing! Get everyone excited and just a little bit scared. I might even include a whip cracking workshop in my weddings entertainment.

Number 1

It would have to be a Fire Show. If I couldn't have anything else it would have to be a huge fire show. Some really skilled talented and funny performers to entertain at the start of the evening would be amazing. 

So there you have it. If I was going to get married that would be how I would have my wedding entertainment. I would probably just skip the band all together, get everyone to bring along an iPod and just leave a massive I pod dock in the middle of the dance hall. 


Joshua Morris