When it comes to your wedding planning with military precision is key to make sure you get the

most out of your big day, and yet the entertainment often gets looked over.


So here are some things to bear in mind when booking your wedding entertainment, both before

Knowing what you are getting­ When it comes to your wedding being specific about what you are

getting before hand is key.


Often things can get lost in translation or you don't suggest that perfect

idea that you had because it sounded silly or too complicated. Here at circus uncertainty we want

you to be picky! Whether its a group of apes dressed in Hawaiian shirts escorting your guests to

their seats or two circus ringmasters juggling knifes over the best man! What ever you have in

mind we can find a way to make the entertainment on your big day as perfect as possible.


Point of contact­

Having a point of contact for your entertainers is very important. Having that

dedicated person who knows when everything is happening and where everything is will save so

much hassle and with let you enjoy your day. Generally this will be your wedding planner (if you

have one), however if you do not have a wedding planner, either nominate one of your guests or

find someone at your venue that you can use as a point of contact. Please note THIS CAN NOT

BE YOU! Don't give yourself the stress of having the sort things out on your wedding day it is best.



Timing is of course crucial when it comes to weddings. So plan your entertainment into

your schedule. Or send a copy of the schedule to your performers so they know when and where

you are going to be. If there are and special moments for example your first dance, the cutting of

the cake, speeches etc. Add those on as you probably don't want any performers present for that.


Back up plans­

Everyone wants their wedding to got off without a hitch but often things (mostly

the weather) can go wrong. When you are booking your wedding entertainment plan in a backup

plan this way you know if you run over on your schedule or the weather turns sour you don't have

to miss out on your entertainment. A good example can be that you have booked a fire show and

the heavens open! Have the performers do an indoor LED show instead! More often than not you

won't need your back up plan, but is better to be safe than sorry.


There you have it, a few top tips on planning your wedding entertainment! We hope you found this

helpful when planning your big day!