Wedding entertainment that won't distract from the big day


Many people can be put off of the idea of wedding entertainment as it can distract from the day

itself. And why shouldn't you be put off, it's your big day. However weddings can be very long

days and some entertainment can really break things up and make the day more enjoyable for

both you and your guests. Most people in my opinion do want some entertainment however they

still want the Spotlight to be on them. Which is how it should be, after all it is your wedding day!


So how can we add entertainment without distracting from the big day?  Well firstly placement of

your wedding entertainment throughout the day is key. Look at your wedding schedule, are there

any points where there is a lul? Maybe you are waiting for guests to arrive or there is some sort of

gap between one thing happening and another?


Okay so you have found some places where you could have entertainment but what do kind of

entertainment do you have? Well it all depends on the place but lets look at some common

Lets say for example you want a way to greet you and your guests at the reception. If you don't

want anything to flashy a living statue can be great entertainment. They blend in well with older

period buildings (which most wedding venues are) and they are great entertainment for all of the

family. If you do want something a little more flashy, perhaps a fire performer close to the doors to

really wow your guests as they enter. A fire performer can be especially good for evening guests

as fire looks better at night.


If your guest are traveling from one place to another stilt walkers can be great for escorting your

guests in a fun and interesting way. Stilt walkers can come in many shapes and sizes and can

either be amazingly extravagant, for example Rio style show girls. If you are looking for subtly

however, smartly dressed stilt walkers may be more suitable.


What about at the reception itself. A great example of subtle entertainment is a magician. Close

up magicians in particular are great as they don’t attract too much attention, they work with a

small groups at a time and leave your guests free to enjoy themselves without feeling that they

are forced to do or watch something they don’t want to. Another example for the reception is a

casino table. This is great as it can be in one place and your guests are free to come and go as

they please, whilst being thoroughly entertaining for everyone.


I hope this brief guide has been helpful to you. In my opinion circus entertainment is perfect for

any wedding, however you don't need to go all out on your wedding entertainment. Sometimes it's

the subtlety’s that can make a wedding perfect.