So you want something different at your wedding but your not sure if Circus performers are a little bit too much for your wedding ? Here is a little bit more information to help you make up your mind.

Circus entertainment can be as big and crazy or a subtle as you like. Performers can easily blend into the background of your reception or be the focal point of your night. Ambient performance is a great way to keep things subtle. Spinning fire or glowing props can add an ambiance to your wedding without being too intrusive. Just remember if you ask we will do everything to cater for your special day. 

Costumes can be changed. Just because you see one of our acts in a particular costume does not mean the act can only be done in that costume. Want your performers to blend in to your wedding a little more, get them to wear black tie tuxedos or even just a suit. Performers can add entertainment to your evening without being obtrusive. We have a wide array of costumes so feel free to ask for a specific costume. Performers can also very easily match the colour theme of your wedding. If you would like an exact match send us a material sample and we will match your colour scheme perfectly. 

Large displays can fill gaps between spaces being ready. Dreading the boring part of the wedding ? or even worse your guests being bored. Then put on a show for them and keep the energy up high all the way through the night! Shows can involve any of the acts displayed on our website and can be mixed together at your request to create full length shows if the need should arise.

On the other hand if you want something really subtle then one of our magicians may be the way to go. They blend completely into the background at weddings and are great at providing short bursts of entertainment. Even the two gentlemen fall into this category, proving huge short displays and then disappearing away.

Entertainment is relaxing. So you may want the guests at your wedding to just be relaxed throughout the evening. Then background or ambient entertainment is the way to go. Fire performers spinning behind windows or glow performers spinning inside give a talking point for your guests and provides calm and refreshing entertainment for your wedding.

Remember no request is too big or small, so feel free to give us a call.