Contact ball jugglers for hire


Calvos are creatures from a tranquil and mysterious world bringing with them a beautifully surreal sense of suspended time and alternative physical laws. Glass balls appear suspended in mid-air, unusually tall characters freeze and move in enigmatic synchronicity, and a magical soundscape surrounds them all. Calvos appear as either ground level crystal ball jugglers or stilt characters - or both - in the same booking.

Calvos are the UK’s top performers of ‘contact juggling’ - the manipulation of crystal balls that glide, float, dance and levitate surreally around the artists’ hands, arms and bodies. Impossibly skillful, delightfully mesmeric and utterly astounding, this real-live magic must be seen to be believed. If you’ve never seen Calvos before, make sure you watch their new promo video.


Breathtaking, romantic and magical
— Kelly McKeigan, ESP Productions, Canada
A truly extraordinary act!
— UK Pavilion, World Expo, China.
A scene which created the illusion of a ball levitating through the air of its own accord was simply astonishing
— Barry Gordon, Edinburgh Evening News
  • Contact crystal ball juggling

  • Amazing costumes

  • 3 x 30 minute walkabout sets