Aerial and acrobatic dancers


Stun your guests with this highly visual treat! Two multi-skilled acrobats perform amazing acrobatics and aerial on this free-standing rig. All whilst the entire rig rotates!!

This is like nothing your guests have ever seen before – a revolving aerial installation! And you don’t need to have your own rigging points in the ceiling as this installation is all self-contained!

These two acrobats perform graceful and impactful acrobatics on, around and above this aerial rig! High balances, lifts, hand-stands, planches and strong feats are performed on this beautiful installation. All while it revolves! The Carousel itself is elegant as a centrepiece for your venue and then once it begins to rotate with the acrobats it surprises your guests and mesmerises them as they’ve never seen anything like it before.


Of all the performers I have seen here over the past sixteen years, I have to say that this is the most spellbinding and probably the best.  A touch of sheer class, something that demands huge skill!
— The Eastgate Centre, Basildon
The Carousel is one of the most mesmerizing acts I have seen.  Seamless in their approach. Our clients come from all over the world and without introduction they silenced and wowed the audience with their performance.  They exceeded my expectations as the organizer of the event and added to what was a perfect end to our evening.  I would highly recommend them.
—  Dunlop Oil and Marine
Thanks for all your support – the performers were well received and their routine really fitted with the theme and feel of the evening.  I was amazed by their strength! .
— Aston Villa Football Club - Player of the year award ceremony
  • Duo acrobatics and silks acts

  • Lots of themes

  • 5 minute acts and 15 minute ambient sets


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