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Falling Embers

Fallen Embers is a 20 minute choreographed fire show containing acrobatics, fire manipulation and some unique props only found in this show. An interactive comedy introduction lasting 10 minutes can be added to the start of the performance to make this the perfect shows for weddings. 

The performance's unique props such as burning love banners, self ignigting swords, charcoal dancing and fire diabolo means your audience will have certainly not seen a show like this before. 


Wow, amazing, mesmerising and beautiful!!
— Rachel Garfield
I had Acrobang perform at my wedding and I could not have made a better decision. They were just mind blowing!
— Becca Cubit
How much strength, trust, practice and passion must have gone in to this routine. I got goosepimples watching this.
— Cherry Twirls
  • Acrobatic fire show

  • Human bonfire and pyrotechnic special effect

  • 1920’s electroswing theme