Hulahoop dancer

Lindy hoop

Loz will light up the room! Loz Because's hulahooping is beautiful, astonishing and captivating. Loz is a trained dancer and brilliant hulahooper. Versatility is one of Loz’s strong points.

Loz has a range of acts from 1920 swing-dance style, to uplifting Brazilian beats, take a look:

Lindy Hoop Lindy hoop is a high energy, fun and stylish piece to a specially mixed Electro-Swing track - Electro-swing hula-hoop! Choreographed with authentic swing dance moves from world-class dancers in Melbourne, Australia. The act culminates to a 50-hoop finale with shiny silver hoops. This act is 5 minutes long.

Glow Hoop Her eye-catching glowing LED hoops, dazzling costumes and exciting choreography never fail to delight audiences world-wide. Loz performed glow hooping at the Amman festival in Jordan for 40 000 people – she got a bigger cheer than the pop stars!


Wow! Loz was spot-on once again! She really has that certain something on stage - you can’t take your eyes off her!
— Flaming Fun Entertainment Agency
Loz was fantastic! A crowd-pleaser as usual.
— Annabelle Holland, The Social Club Cabaret
Loz’s act was a huge hit with the audience combining great hooping skills with a huge amount of charisma!
— Julian Bracey, Cirque Bijou
  • Hula hoop act

  • Glow show option

  • 5 minute act


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