What is walkabout entertainment? Ever heard the term thrown about or just want to know a little

more about it?


Sometimes called walk around, mix and mingle or roaming entertainment. It can be one of the best

ways of entertaining your guests. Performers interact directly with your guests and provide a great



Walkabout entertainment is perfect for all types of events, whether you have a small event and don't

have the room for a stage, or an event too large for everyone to see a stage! Walkabout entertainment

is perfect.


Here is a quick list of our favourite walkabout acts:

1. Acrobats! From amazing free runners flipping and rolling around your event, to interactive

acrobats performing daring feats of balance and strength. Walkabout acrobats are great for

corporate events and private parties!


2. Balloon modelers!­ Perfect for the kids! Whether its a birthday party or just to keep the kids

entertained at your wedding. A balloon modeler is great for walkabout entertainment!...and

lets be honest, child or adult, who doesn't want a balloon animal?!


3. Close up magicians! A very popular choice when It comes to weddings and smaller events.

Close up magicians are great as they can add a sense of amazement to your event. Great mix and mingle entertainment!


4. Stilt walkers­! Great entertainment for all of the family! From ringmasters and showgirls to

walking trees. Stilt walkers come in all shapes and sizes! Perfect for larger events as they

can be seen from far away and can create an amazing atmosphere at your event!


5. The Two Gentlemen­! Two sophisticated gentlemen, possibly the most sophisticated and

eccentric gentlemen you will ever meet, bring you the most dangerous act ever conceived.

Acrobatics, juggling and magic combined with razor sharp knives and a bear trap! This act

is perfect for weddings and corporate events.


There you have it! Next time you need some entertainment, why not try some walkabout

entertainment? You won't be disappointed!