Acrobatic Glow Show

Combining the grace and skills of acro-balance, with our state of the art technology, the resulting show is a magical experience unlike anything else you will have seen. Our acrobats use custom-made LED costumes to disappear and reappear in precarious balances, passing lights back and to be both high impact, and beautiful, creating a show your guests will remember forever.forth between them. With a subtle narrative of overcoming the glitch in their system, this show manages

The show incorporates our custom designed pixel props and brand new catherine wheel – which can display your logos or images on a 10ft wide wall of light into the show at no extra cost, to create a branded finale perfect for your event’s theme that will leave your audience breathless.


An extraordinary combination of excellent hand-to-hand acrobatics and spectacular LED pyrotechnics . I’ve never seen anything like it!
— Bim Mason, co-founder and director of Circomedia
The Best Performance we have ever had
— Jane Percy, Duchess of Northumberland
The Glow show was absolutely fantastic – the two performers are amazing. Everyone in the room went silent. We even had an email from JK our MD to say what a great evening. Brilliant.
— Leigh Shepherd, Demontfort fine art
  • pixel logos avaliable

  • Pixel Acrobatic costumes

  • 9 minute act