Aerial Circus Acts 

Flying Trapeze Performances

Stunning aerial performances that are bound to be eye catching with our aerialists high above your wedding guests! Beautiful displays of strength and flexibility will leave you in awe and add something really special to your event.

We have all manner of circus aerialcircus acts available for hire -

  • Aerial trapeze performers
  • Aerial silks performers
  • Aerial hoop performers
  • Aerial rope performers
  • Aerial straps performers
  • Aerial contortion performers
  • Duo aerial performances (doubles trapeze performances and doubles aerial performances available on all equipment) 
  • Swinging trapeze performers
  • Rotating Aerial Hoop performers
  • Flying trapeze performers

Free standing aerial rigs mean that Wedding venues you thought may not be able to accommodate this type of performance in fact can! We can even help you choose the right venue if you wish to have aerial performers at your event.  Smaller rigs are also avaliable for entertaining at smaller venues.


30 minutes of hang-about entertainment - Prices starting from £399

Aerial act and hang-about entertainment - Prices starting from £499

Aerial Rig with Duo Show - Prices starting from £1,600

*Main cost of our Aerial acts is due to rigging, site visit required. Please contact us for more information



Solo Aerial Performers

Perfect for corporate entertainment, product launches, private parties, festivals and more. Please call us for more information on our incredible arerial dancers, the types of aerial performance we can provide for you and for the rigging potential of your chosen venue.

5/5 Eye catching costumes and a pleasure to work with
— The Mall Cribbs Causeway